Close To A Double

It took us 20 years to win our first major, but don’t bet against the London bus adage happening for us

Chubby Chandler
Close To A Double

Louis Oosthuizen was straight back into the office after his magnificent win at The Open.

It would have been all too easy to pull out of the Scandinavian Masters because of all the celebration and upheaval in his life after St. Andrews, but it says much about the man that he did not withdraw at the last minute.

The Swedes were so impressed that they even sent a private jet to pick him up and return him to his Manchester base.

It also says a great deal about Louis as a golfer that he came close to making it a double celebration.  For all four days he was in contention and looked in a different class, but a misbehaving putter eventually let him down and local favourite Richard S. Johnson came through.

Commiserations to Lance Ten Broeck then.   Some may say, who's he and why?  Well Lance was a US Tour player before he moved into caddying and made his name alongside Jesper Parnevik among others.

Lance has been caddying for Johnson, who, financially and otherwise had not had a very successful year.  So Lance opted to miss Sweden and try to qualify for the British Seniors Open which he did.  He told Johnson of his plans and a couple of days later Lance was told his services were no longer required.   He not only lost his substantial 10 per cent slice of the winner’s cheque, but also his job.   Such is golf. 

While the Irish Open beckons this week, Louis is deservedly celebrating with family and friends in South Africa before joining our galaxy of stars in Akron and then the US PGA.

It took us 20 years to win our first major, but don’t bet against the London bus adage happening for us.  You wait so long and then several come together may be more than a possibility.


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